How We Work

Our clients share several traits to cope with the immense pain that medical malpractice inflicts. Our personal injury lawyers utilize these same traits when prosecuting their cases. ​​

We Put Ourselves in Our Clients’ Shoes

  • Nobody’s perfect, but things will not get better if we don’t hold doctors and hospitals accountable.
  • I can’t undo the past; all I can do is make things better moving forward.
  • I know they did not mean to hurt my loved one, but that does not make it right. It must be made right.​
  • I know their job is difficult, but that does not excuse the failure to use common sense.
  • I can forgive them, but they still must be held accountable.​​

Stay Positive​

  • People look at my daughter and see how disabled she is. I see how beautiful she is. I owe it to her to do everything I can to make her life as good as it can be.
  • If I act as if what I do makes a difference, it will.
  • If I don’t control the situation, the situation will control me.
  • I don’t grieve for the child that could have been; I celebrate the one I have.
  • We don’t carry mountains; we climb them​.

Choose The Simple

  • What happened to me is an opportunity to make things better.
  • We all must pay for what we do wrong, why shouldn’t doctors?​
  • If we each act to make things better, together we will make change.
  • Losing money is the only thing that makes doctors and hospitals change.​
  • If they are not held accountable, they will never change.​

Put Fear At Our Back​

  • My dad would have wanted us to fight to make sure this does not happen to others.
  • My choice was to let it go or do something to make it better. I chose to do something.
  • The dogs still sit next to her chair. How could I give up?
  • If my wife’s death gives me an opportunity to make things better, I’m going to take it.
  • It’s easy to make a buck but much harder to make a difference.
  • Every day I’m afraid to be without my husband. All I can do is push through and try to do better each day.

Contingent Fees​​

We are selective in the personal injury cases we take. Once we take them, we are invested in a successful outcome. If there is no awarding of damages, there is no cost to you for our services. This includes the expenses to prosecute your case (which can often exceed six figures). We advance all those costs and only receive a fee and get back the expenses if we are successful.

Our clients have gone through enough loss and suffering, and they don’t need any additional financial burden. If they have the courage to fight, we have the courage to risk our money in the prosecution of their personal injury case.

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